Field Photography Collective

A photography community by peace, security, and development professionals that bring you closer to the field

FPC Activities & Events

As FPC continue to receive contributions and inspirational stories from the field, we will continue to promote other parallel activities in cooperation with various partners. All the contributions - photo essays, takeovers on instagram and facebook, are the cornerstones of all FPC activities and events.


FPC organises exhibitions in collaboration with a number of partners. All FPC contributors are encouraged to participate.

In the Pipeline:

  • FPC is currently displaying photos from two contributors at “Falloumi” - Mediterranean fast-food in the heart of Stockholm.
  • FPC will have exhibition together the Multicultural Center (MKC) in Fittja, Stockholm. The exhibition will take place during autumn 2020 and is part of a larger project called “The World in Focus”.

Inspirational Lectures & Workshops

FPC delivers and holds inspirational lectures about photography, international work, and delivers training and workshops.

In the Pipeline:

  • An initial education and inspirational lecture is planned to be held in collaboration with MKC and possibly other partners as part of the project "The World in Focus".

High Quality Prints

Collaborations with printing agencies and/or online photo galleries will be sought where a selection of the members' pictures can be ordered as print material. FPC has already established a partnership with Crimson.

Social Responsibility

FPC intends to establish collaborations with international and local organisations. We aspire that our projects, exhibitions, workshops and purchases of prints will contribute to a better world. Stay tuned for more.

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