Changing the narrative

Pakistan is a country with a history  as long as it is diverse and full of twists and turns.

Located between Iran, India, Afghanistan and China, Pakistan stretches from the mountains of the Himalayas past the plains of Punjab and the desert of Balochistan to the Indian Ocean. The nature of the location has sometimes brought conflict to the area, but also trade, pluralism, and prosperity.

During my time in Pakistan, I spent most of my time in Lahore, the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and the home of over 11 million people. It is viewed by its citizens as the culinary capital of the country, but is also the home of many monuments of national importance as well as several large parks. 

Through this essay, I am trying to showcase Pakistan's, and above all Lahore's rich heritage in terms of its beauty, culture, and diversity - an aspect that is rarely seen amidst a narrative of violence surrounding countries like Pakistan

Photo Essay by: Love Calissendorff


Love is currently working for the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden. To read more about Love Calissendorff please visit his profile on the FPC Community page.

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